How It Works: Freelancers

Are you...

Asset 33

...a creative director

looking for an art director, graphic designer, copy writer and project manager and launch a marketing agency?

Asset 35 interior designer

looking to partner with an architect, structural engineer and contractor in order to renovate homes?

Asset 66

...a filmmaker

looking to connect with producers, directors and screenwriters to start a production company?

Asset 32

...a programmer

looking for a UX/UI designer, business analyst and marketing guru to offer app development services?

Asset 43

build your network

Connect with other freelancers whose skillset aligns with, or complements, yours.

Asset 39

form your team

Invite other freelancers to join your team or get recruited by already existing teams.

Asset 37

launch your business

Get hired for short-term projects, long-term contract work or full-time employment.

How It Works: Employers

Are you...

Asset 33

...a professional services firm

looking to hire an entire marketing team to help win a high-profile assignment?

Asset 35

...a real estate investor

looking to hire a home renovation/restoration team so you can flip houses?

Asset 66

...a consumer brand

looking to shoot a commercial or promotional video and need a full cast and crew?

Asset 32 inventor and/or innovator

looking for a development team to help you harvest your idea for a mobile app?

Asset 34

define your needs

Post your job for qualified Skillinker teams to review and consider.

Asset 63

review your bids

Receive proposals and connect with the teams which best meet your criteria.

Asset 36

hire your team

Choose the team which aligns with your objectives, timeline and budget.