First and foremost, Skillinker was built with the freelancer in mind.

We understand that you’ve worked long and hard to establish your hourly rate or per project fee. We also understand your value is not just based on the skills that you possess to get the job done, but your years of training, knowledge and experience which allow you to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Therefore, we want you to earn your full value so we do not charge a commission for your work.

Our ultimate goal is for freelancers to use Skillinker to launch successful businesses and we don’t want to do anything to get in the way of that.

Frequently Asked Questions


As mentioned above, Skillinker was built with the freelancer in mind.  So, we don’t want to get in the way of how, or where, you find jobs for your team. We just want you to succeed in your entrepreneurial ventures and be able to say that Skillinker had something to do with it.

Additionally, we want freelancers to reap the rewards of Skillinker immediately and since this is a new site, it will take some time to grow our employer membership and have jobs available on our platform. 

As many as you want.

In fact, it is in your best interest to create and/or join multiple teams in order to gain experience working with other Skillinkers. In this way, you gain more experience working with other freelancers until you find the one(s) with whom you work with best.

You may find that you work best with a few members on multiple teams which you’re a part of. So, you may even form a new team comprised of members from other teams.

Chances are not every single one of your team members will work on every single job. Your team is essentially your company. And like many companies, not every single employee is working on every single project at any given time.   

If you have multiple skills that qualify you to complete a job on-time and on-budget, then by all means you should apply as a one-person team. It will be up to the employer to determine if you’re the best choice for them.

However, there are hundreds of other sites and services that specialize in the hiring of individuals that might be a better fit for freelancers who prefer to work on their own.

Keep in mind that Skillinker was built to handle complex jobs which generally require a full team of professionals.

You will need to arrange payment directly with the employer.

Visit our Resources page frequently as we will be adding trusted partners who can assist with facilitating payments.