News and Updates


Skillinker is now live!

We are happy to announce the launch of the beta version of Skillinker. We will continue to make improvements as our membership grows and we discover ways to enhance the user experience.

Below is a list of our planned improvements:

  1. Member discussion board/forum. Share ideas, success stories, best-in-class projects, etc.  
  2. User tutorials. As much as we try to make everything self-explanatory, we realize some additional guidance may be needed in some instances.
  3. Ability for freelancers to add team categories when creating a team. Currently, freelancers can only choose from an already established list.
  4. Ability for employers to add job categories when submitting a job listing. Currently, employers can only choose from an already established list.

Your participation in this process is welcome and pivotal to our success.  

So, if you think of any other ways to improve Skillinker, please send an email to